Your Video: Is It A Vehicle Or A Destination?

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I had a really interesting and occasionally heated discussion with a client today about the purpose of video, and I thought it was worth a broader discussion.

The issue was the use of online video—specifically with YouTube in this instance—and how it’s intended purpose drives the SEO, link-building, and other various marketing efforts supporting the video.

The client had set aside a budget for creating some videos, and had ideas all over the map for what the content of those videos would be. They were pretty adamant about creating a viral campaign, involving Digg and Stumble Upon and links—clearly this client was a bit ahead of the curve in having read up and grasped the basic concepts of online marketing.

They wanted to leverage YouTube, primarily to avoid bandwidth costs and reach an audience that might not find them otherwise.

Everything was tracking pretty well and I thought I was headed for the smoothest consulting gig of my brief career… until we got to the topic of the actual videos themselves.

This client wanted to create a series of training videos, and not just any training videos—but videos specifically related to a proprietary piece of software that serves as one of their core products. And that’s when the red flags started going up.

From here the conversation went something like this:

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